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Digital Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Makes Your Business Safer, Stronger, Smarter. Our systems create permanent visual records that are time- and date- stamped for authenticity.

SIS is an industry leader and innovator in the field of Digital Video Surveillance. SIS has helped a wide range of businesses in the restaurant, convenience, jewelry and retail industries do a better job of protecting their employees and their profits. The value we can provide extends well beyond safety issues, to operational, merchandizing, productivity and customer service enhancements.

Digital video surveillance can deter theft, violence, and vandalism. Supply unarguable evidence in any event limit false liability claims and allow easy identification of violators, trespassers, and intruders. Also, help improve your company’s daily operations, create a safer environment for employees.

Digital video recorders (DVRs) can provide remote access to live feed or video archives through the internet, offer easy storage and retrieval of archived videos, fast and easy search and high image quality.

Video surveillance systems in place today are mostly based on analog video technologies. These have met some business needs, however as requirements changes and advance in newer technologies; like Digital Video recorders (DVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR), IP based cameras, high speed networks and wireless technologies have emerge to produce a superior Video Surveillance solution. With its multi functional and flexible capabilities, these advance system is ready to meet any new challenges today.

With careful planning and thoughtful consideration for future requirements, it is possible to design a video surveillance system that is versatile, ready to handle changing technologies and additional growth. The core of this technology is the ability to digitize video signal, compress it and store the data on hard drives. This technology offers much more flexibility such as; larger storage capacity, quicker search and retrieval, easier installation, accessible via the internet 24/7 and ability to export footages for later viewing.

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