Mike Jones says U.S. Senate race could test how Missouri views Black candidates

Mike Jones talks about St. Louis Prosecutor Wesley Bell’s entrance into the U.S. Senate race and the state of the St. Louis region’s politics on the latest edition of the Politically Speaking podcast.

Jones’ roles over the past few decades include St. Louis alderman, corporate executive, head of the St. Louis housing authority and adviser to a St. Louis mayor and a St. Louis County executive. He also served on the state Board of Education.

Here’s what Jones had to say on the show:

  • His take on where St. Louis regional politics and policy stand now. 
  • How St. Louis County’s political culture is wildly different from St. Louis’ and what that means for the two jurisdictions’ approach to public policy.
  • With roughly two years left before she faces voters again, Jones talked about St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones’ prospects for reelection and how voters may react to problems around trash pickup and water service.
  • His analysis on how Bell stacks up in a Democratic primary with Lucas Kunce. The winner of that contest will likely face GOP Sen. Josh Hawley next year.
  • If Bell makes it out of the primary, Jones said, his candidacy could be a test for white Missouri voters considering the state has never elected a Black candidate to a statewide office.

Jones began his political career more than three decades ago as a St. Louis alderman in the city’s 21st Ward. Since then, he’s become a go-to adviser for state, city and county officials. Jones is also a columnist for the St. Louis American, writing about regional and national politics.

Mike Jones says U.S. Senate race could test how Missouri views Black candidates
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