Save your customers time and resources with THIS tip!

Amityville, NY– Some jobs and/or installations require you to share cameras between different recorders.  If your camera is connected to one recorder, it normally would not be discoverable on the network through another recorder.  Now, Speco Technologies’ Blue Series NVR’s have a solution!

To view your cameras that are connected to a different recorder, navigate to “Settings”, and then select “Add Camera”.  From here, you will find three menus across the top of your interface.  Toggle to “Add Recorder” to begin.

Once you click on “Add Recorder”, you will see a list of all recorders on the same network as the recorder you’re working on. Highlight your desired recorder and click the “Add” button in the middle of the window.  A new window will open, and here you’ll enter a username and password for the recorder.  Click “Test” at the bottom to make sure you are connected, and once you get a confirmation it’s successful, select the camera(s) you want to add using the check boxes on the left.  Hit “OK,” and these cameras will then show up in your camera list on that recorder.  Note that the IP address of those cameras will be the IP address of the recorder they are coming from.

This tip provides an extremely helpful alternative for adding Analog cameras onto your NVR, and this feature is available on all Speco Blue NVR’s.

For more information, please visit www.specotech.com or call us at 800.645.5516 today!

Save your customers time and resources with THIS tip!
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